Parsifam was established in 1991 to supply industrial paints to local industries and maintenance paints to growing oil and petrochemical plants. Industrial paints based on alkyds, acrylic, and polyesters were well known by the company but it was needed to research exhaustively to meet diverse demands on anticorrosive and maintenance coatings from oil, gas, petrochemical & metal refining and power generation complexes.

The company started with an extensive research on paint systems based on epoxies, polyurethanes, vinyl, silicones, and silicate series. Now the company research and development unit is equipped with advanced devices and continuously research to improve all industrial and anticorrosive coating systems.

From the beginning, our policy was based on data interchange with all customers to find the optimum technical and economical solutions which added to our other relative advantages to maintain the customers satisfaction that finally ensure the growth of company.

Parsifam is able to formulate and produce paint systems based on customer technical specification or is ready to consult with buyer to gather it's paint application data or/and his expected properties of applied coating in order to formulate a qualified paint system.

Research and development of coating systems are supported by an improving big data file which is aligned with scientific data and experienced information published by famous councils and associations like SSPC, NACE, AWWA and also main global raw material suppliers such as SHELL, HUNTSMAN, BAYER, BASF,… as if in many cases our products quality and performance are quite similar and compatible with well-known international manufacturers.

Rapied world technology development and incoming globalization make the company to reach an international level of technology and organization which enable it to compete globally. Upgrading the quality control system and enhancing the quality assurance management is our most important duty.

In this way the company has acquired two quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 29001 certificates from DNV of Norway to ensure quality assurance at all stations

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