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The main task of Parsifam Coatings is to help the users to ‎compare and select the suitable products for controlling and ‎copping with their corrosion problems.
In our Technical Bulletin you will find the paints data sheets including short description about paint structure , various uses and features,‎ basic technical data, recommended system and instructions for application. All are collected to give enough‎ relevant information about Parsifam products for a wide range of protective coatings applications from very ‎ usual conventional case to more complicated ones.

Parsienviro, Parsiinfo (1 2 3 4 ), Parsikey and Parsinote ( A B C D E F G H J ) help you to achieve advantageous information about different types of environment , relationship between relative humidity & temperature , conversion table, clarification on data sheets components and various helpful technical notes on surface preparation , recoating interval time , paint thickness, applying next coat on zinc silicate primer and other important issues .

To maximize your benefits and minimize your costs , in recent years we have researched hard and now offer a full range of all round economical products which fulfill many protective duties. Click on Parsiresearch and Parsicontrol to get more information about our R&D and QC departments .

Besides of an available short application instruction in paint datasheet you can link to Parsiinsrtuct for more information about application of each product . It is also possible to receive a copy of working instructions with ordered consignment.

Please feel free to contact our professional and experienced people if you need any additional information related to surface preparation , specific application procedure in hot and cold weather , equipment adjustment , mixing apparatus and procedure , required amount of thinner , surface temperature and etc .


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